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We treat any form of Hair Loss, Thinning Hair or Alopecia, Early Hair Loss in Dubai.

Hair Replacement Clinic offering the Total Package Surgical and Non-Surgical, with free hair check scope analysis.

Our hair loss solutions are delivered by our amazing team. Our hair loss treatment is tailored to you, and our hair replacement services in Dubai include everything from natural solutions, hair replacement surgical and non-surgical to laser treatments for hair loss.

Surgical Hair Replacement in Dubai or Hair Transplant Dubai is becoming more and more popular and the success of this kind of procedure does depend on the type of Hair Loss you have.

When you think of hair replacement in Dubai one instantly thinks of hair transplants however the term hair replacement is now more commonly associated with non-surgical hair replacement system in Dubai.

There are two tried and tested methods that have helped cancer patients reduce the amount of hair loss, these are “Cold Cap” or “Scalp Cooling” methods. Small blood vessels in the scalp provide the cells of the hair follicles with food and oxygen.

Natural, side effect free treatment that will stop your hair loss in Dubai. Stop hair loss naturally, treatment for thinning hair in Dubai. There are no side effects from this successful hair loss treatment Dubai.


Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss in Leeds is usually associated with men, but with the dramatic change of our client base we have seen an increasing number of women experiencing thinning and balding hair! Infact, we tend to have more enquiries from women suffering from Female Pattern Baldness in Leeds, wanting Thinning Hair Treatment in Leeds and Female Pattern Baldness Remedies in Leeds than men.

Hair Loss In Men

Welcome to Total Hair Loss Solutions, the company that understands not only how hair loss and thinning hair in Dubai adversely affects a person’s life but also how to solve all Hair Loss conditions, that is why we provide Total Hair Loss Solutions, we know what a damaging effects hair loss can have on self-esteem and self-image. Hair has a lot to do with how we see ourselves and society does in fact have different opinions on people with hair and those without.


Talking about hair loss and thinning hair in Dubai is a very difficult task for many men and women. We have all experienced visits where our expectations have not been met or the complete opposite, where we have been told unrealistic things. Having a consultation regarding your hair loss can, if delivered incorrectly, be detrimental to your final decision process regarding hair loss treatment Dubai.

1. What causes hair loss?

The most common cause of hair loss in Leeds is genetics in particular a hormone called DHT (dihydrotesosterone) especially in men however other factors can cause hair loss such as stress, poor diet, low blood pressure, side effects from medication and as we all know chemotherapy.

2. Can brushing or head massage cause hair loss?


3. Can stress cause hair loss?


4. Can changes in hormones cause hair loss?


5. Do hair dyes cause hair loss?

Yes, if not administered correctly.

About Us

As Hair Loss Specialists in the UK we have now expanded to Dubai as Hair Replacement and Hair Restoration experts, we are committed to educating and improving the lives of all those affected by hair loss. Whether you are experiencing Alopecia in the UK or Dubai, hair loss through Chemotherapy or hair loss through Radiation, thinning hair through side effects of medication you have been taking. It is our goal to create public awareness about the disease of the spirit that is often ignored and to legitimize hair loss of all forms along with Alopecia, in the eyes of our medical community, the media and society as a whole. 


From my first visit I was treated with the up most respect, which continued throughout my treatments. Sat made each visit great fun but most importantly I achieved brilliant results with my hair. Great effective treatment in a superb studio surrounding.

The length of hair that I was able to achieve, the thickness, wow, I never even had this hair quality when I was a teenager. Thank you for everything.”

I am very pleased with both the service and quality of the product that Total Hair Loss Solutions provides. You are made to feel at ease and every care is taken to make sure that you are satisfied when you step out of the clinic – because you’re worth it!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your Hair Loss Treatment In Dubai Today!

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